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22nd May 2006

Reading, Romans, and a Milestone

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Earlier I did a quick tally, and it seems I currently have six different books on the go at the same time. And this is despite a resolution I made a few weeks ago to not read more than two at a time, and from different genres.

To be fair though, two of those books are just different versions of the same thing (commentaries on Romans) and one of those is nearly finished. I decided in April that I’d spend the month of May delving into Romans – a task that looks like it’s going to continue well into June if not further. And coincidentally, in the last week or so Scot McKnighthas commenced a blog series on Romans as well, loosely based on Wright’s commentary in the New Interpreter’s Bible, which I’d just started reading myself anyway. Amazing how things just seem to fit together like that, almost providentially…

Anyway all this blogging is just distracting me from that pile of books, which I’d better get back to.

I might just mention one more little tally first though – according to my wordpress software I now have made 1,001 blog posts! Who would’ve thought this little blog would have the legs to get this far? Here’s to the next 1,000 entries!

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