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14th March 2012

Lunching around Hobart

Many of my friends would know that my favourite meal of the day is lunch. I especially enjoy lunch if there is a nice view, a good book or good company, and sometimes a good glass of wine too!  So it will come as no surprise that one of the things I love about Hobart is the smorgasbord of great places I can to go have lunch within easy distance of my work and home.

Today I was in the CBD running an errand for Owen, so I was short of time, and also feeling a bit strapped for cash. So I decided to head down to the Hobart waterfront and try out one of the floating fish and chip shops they have moored along the docks.

The first one I came to was Flippers, just a stone’s throw from the main thoroughfare of Davey St. Walked down the gangplank and placed my order for some Trevalla (which seems to be the standard fish here in Tassie) and Chips.




Sat down by this statue of Louis Bernacchi (an early Antarctic explorer who attended the same school that my boys go to), enjoying my food and taking in the views of the harbour on a lovely autumn day. While I was there a couple of Japanese fellows somewhat ironically stopped to take their photos in front of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling ship Bob Barker. Obviously Hobart port don’t strictly enforce the anti-pirate flag regulations that Fremantle do.)


Then I strolled back to my car, enjoying the views of the harbour, city, and mountain before the short drive back to work. Hobart is indeed a great spot for lunching!


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