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6th March 2012

Catching Up

As I took the bins out in the rain this morning, and looked across at the Derwent, I was thinking that it still spins me out sometimes that we are here, living in another city on a big island on the other side of Australia. It feels like we have been here for ages and we are settling in very well in all areas of life, but just once in a while I just stop and think “Wow, we really are here!”

Our big trip over here in January now feels like ancient history, and it occurred to me that I never got around to blogging about it or posting photos (although my facebook friends got a lot of photos on the way across). So in lieu of a detailed story of our big road trip, you can check out all the photos on my flickr set : 2012 Perth to Hobart Road Trip. I’m in the process of adding some descriptions to the photos, which will make it a bit more interesting, but there’s a lot there, including photos from every hole on the Nullarbor Links Golf course (the world’s longest!), the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, National Sports Museum, and much more…

Otherwise things are falling into place in most departments here. We love the suburb we live in, convenient to the city, easy walk to the river, shops, cafes etc – short drive to work and school etc. Our rental house is a bit cramped and old but it’s worth it for the location. The boys are thriving in their new school, and we are thrilled with the opportunities they are getting there. Owen has developed a passion for cricket, and as it was too late in the season to get him into a team, we have started private coaching for him, with a really nice guy who is an ex state player. He is doing very well. As I mentioned in a previous post we have found a great church and are starting to get to know a few people there.

Work-wise I am enjoying my new practice. It’s a great location, close to the beach and with plenty of good lunch options within easy distance (It’s less than 10 minutes to the CBD so the options are endless). The patient mix is good – not too many old people, increasing numbers of kids, and a lot more travel medicine – which means I’m finally starting to put my Masters of Tropical Medicine and Public Health to good use. The only problem is that the billings here are still a lot lower than before so finances are still somewhat of a stress.

Anyway I’d better get back to work, but thought it was worth giving a quick update so you all know that we are doing well, and loving in here in Hobart.

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